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July 11th     Workshop - Glyn

July 25th      Writing your Memoirs
                     An evening of prompts to help you get started.

August 8th     Speaker - Author and historian, Tom Allan

August 22nd   Bring along an object, the quirkier the better,
                      Don't let anyone see it.

September 5th  Workshop - Margaret Mackay

September 19th  Reading and Discussion Night (reading of stories prompted on July 25th and Aug. 22nd. Or anything you've written)

October 3rd        Poetry Workshop - Meg

October 17th     Author in the Spotlight

October 31st     Hallowe'en - Margaret Wood

November 14th  Speaker  - Alan Sinclair
                          Talk and slides - Ancient Caithness

November 28th   Scriptwriting

December 12th    Christmas Meal