More honours at the Scottish Association of Writers conference. Margaret Wood a 1st for her superb under 7s story about a boy who did enormous sneezes. A second for Jean McLennan with her dystopian flash fiction, When the Crying Stops.
A second for Catherine Byrne and her non fiction novel, A Five Taka Note.
Not bad for a wee group like Talking Volumes and of course we are all members of Caithness Writers.
Congratulations to two of our members, Dave Gunn
and Sharon Pottenger, for winning 'Oscars' for their screen plays shown in thurso Cinema. All seven
screen plays will be shown in Wick PPP in September, date to be advised.
Other screen writers who are also members of our group, are
Catherine Byrne, Margaret MacKay, Donna Booth,
Moira Dearness. 
The seventh film is by Pat Heath.
Our tutor for this event is
George Gunn.
Thursday 5th June 2014
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SAW conference 2016.

Jean Maclennan won first prize for her article,
Catherine second equal for the 'best self-published novel', and Morag Oag, a highly commended for her children's story.
Congratulations to 2017 winners. Catherine M Byrne won the Barbara Hammond trophy for best SP novel with 'Isa's Daughter'  and Morag Oag received a second for her non-fiction children's novel, Living with Sheep, and a third for her under sevens' story, Boogie the Centipede Loved to Dance.
Introducing our latest masterpiece, STACKS.
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